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September 22, 2018

The Cause

About Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation

Our vision is a world Beyond Kids Cancer. As Canada’s only national charity devoted to fighting childhood cancer, Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation ensures 100% of receipted donations are invested in improving the survival rate and quality of life of children impacted by cancer.

We raise funds by conducting a series of high quality, memorable, physically challenging, national and regional events that encourage active and healthy lifestyles while engaging sponsors, participants, donors and volunteers. From cycling rides to team-building activities, we raise needed funding for worthy childhood cancer charities whose programs support children with cancer and their families.

Where do the Funds go?

100% of the funds raised by this exciting inaugural event will go towards creating a newer, greatly improved and an accessible high ropes course at Camp Trillium.

Camp Trillium offers year-round recreational experiences to bring children with cancer and their families together. The camp programs offer a wide and ever-improving range of program choices to participants including summer campers, off-season rental groups, and family camp attendees.

The existing high ropes course at Camp Trillium was installed by Adventureworks! Associates, Inc. in 1998 and has been a valuable program option for camp participants. However, due to the age of the course, serious repairs will be required in the next few years to keep the course operational.

In 2016, with our help Camp Trillium began to redevelop their high ropes program by replacing the existing high ropes course with more modern and exciting challenge course facilities in addition to making it accessible to wheel-chair bound children. In 2017, with your help, Camp Trillium hopes to finish the high ropes program.

A ropes course such as this will open up a level of inclusiveness, learning, physical activity and team work previously unavailable to children in wheelchairs. It will engage the child’s mind and body in a fun and healthy way as well as encouraging problem solving, team work and boosting their confidence. That is a priceless gift.

We all thank you for making a difference in the lives of children and families effected by cancer by supporting Camp Trillium through your participation in the Tour d’Epicure.