Okanagan Inclement Weather Plan

The Tour d`Epicure is designed as a fun day out on the bicycle for riders of varying abilities to enjoy the spectacular epicurean offerings of the Okanagan Valley. The ride consists of multiple stops along the route that are meant to be enjoyed and savoured.

Rain could cause this experience to be diminished due to the multiple stops and slower speeds. For this reason we have come up with an alternate plan for participants to still enjoy the day’s experience we have planned. This is not a race or an endurance effort, the primary focus is on the rider experience, safety and raising money for children with cancer and their families.

Thunderstorms: the event reserves the right to close any and all portions of the route due to inclement conditions that could otherwise affect the safety of the participants. A call will be made by 8am on Saturday morning as to any change in the day’s plans. If there is a likelihood of heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds, the first route to close will be the longest distance. Then a decision would be made as to the other distances.

If the weather looks ominous for the entire day or if the weather looks to be worsening in the later part of the day we will strongly recommend a beautiful but shorter route. Participants can ride it first thing in the morning, then head along the their original cycling route in their own (and some volunteer) cars to enjoy all their intended wineries and lunch at Creekside.

The most important aspect is for all participants to still have a great day with the full and intended experience, and for the wineries to receive the intended participants. And did we mention you’re helping children live with and beyond cancer. No amount of inclement weather can dampen the experience of that gift. Thank you.